Since 2001, the American Institute for Multicultural Studies (AIMS Institute) has been focused on quality research for better advocacy. The AIMS Institute is a research educational institution recognized by the government of the United States of America as a 501(c)3 nonprofit private organization.


The AIMS Institute’s mission is to promote academic and spiritual development, pluralism, and the use of credible evidence to generate new knowledge useful to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable, compassionate, prepared, and prosperous world.

The AIMS Institute focuses on social responsibility and quality research for better advocacy. It promotes and implements programs and projects geared towards advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity to foster lifelong learning for personal fulfillment.

The AIMS Institute raises much-needed awareness about the historical socio-economic, political and vicic ties people share. Its philosophy centers on promoting research, lifelong learning about people’ shared heritage, and building trust, respect, tolerance, and understanding, which are cornerstones of peaceful, orderly, prosperous, and happier communities.