Over 100 Leaders Summoned to Attend General Assembly of the National Dominican American Council

Over 100 Leaders Summoned to Attend General Assembly of the National Dominican American Council

CODA 2017 Program

Washington, DC– The National Dominican American Council (NDAC) will host a plenary meeting on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at Rutgers School of Law, 123 Washington Street Newark, NJ 07102.

Over a hundred NDAC members from around the United States have been convened to actively participate in the 17th Annual Conference on Dominican Affairs scheduled to begin promptly at 8:30am with a plenary forum about the need to formulate adequate migration and social policy. The Conference will draw over 350 attendees.

For more information about CODA 2017, please visit: www.instituteforlatinostudies.org or http://danr.org


NDAC Chairman Nestor Montilla, Sr. will preside over the General Assembly of national and local council members.

Professor Alberto Correa, Ph.D. from Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, will join Chairman Montilla in delivering orientation remarks and engaging in an interactive frank conversation about the urgent need to develop more holistic authentic and moral leadership.

Agenda includes swearing-in of new members and approval of the 2017-2018 NDAC agenda.
NDAC Board Directors and members have been summoned to attend the plenary meeting accompanied by their team leaders.

The delegation from Puerto Rico and US territories in the Caribbean includes Dr. Alberto Correa, Ph.D., Leodany Inojosa, MBA, Ing. Francisco “Pachin” Ramirez, Advisor, Alexander Bejarán, Ailin Rivera, and among others, Ana Marchena, Ph.D., Director of the Dominican American Council representing Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The President of the Dominican American National Roundtable Claribel Martinez Marmolejos and board member Nestor Guarien Taveras-Sepulveda will also travel from Puerto Rico to Newark, NJ to attend the conference.

From Perth Amboy, NDAC NJ Board Member Victor Coronado will participate with a 10 member delegation.

NDAC Director Juana Edmond will attend with a group of 10 delegates from Newark, NJ.

Community leader and NDAC Board Director Johanny Mendez will lead a group of over 10 participants from Paterson, NJ.

Community leader Giovanni Regalado is coordinating the participation of a group of local leaders to represent Passaic City, NJ.

Grassroots leader and NDAC Board Director Belkis Pena is coordinating the participation of a 10 member delegation from Rhode Island. Delegation includes Professor Jose Aleman, member of the DANR Board of Directors, RI State Senator Ana Quezada, Franklin Solano, Councilman of Central Falls, RI, and Ramon Perez, State Representative, District 7 & 13, Providence, RI.

Community leader and member of NDAC Board of Directors, Hector Ramirez, will lead a delegation of over 10 NDAC members from The Bronx.

Councilman Joel I.A. Santana will attend the meeting to represent Haverstraw, NY.

Community leader Juan Kivelier, who has been serving as Director of the local Dominican American Council in Paterson, will participate in the meeting.

Community Activist and member of NDAC Board of Directors, Mildred E. Rojas Disla, will represent a group from Camden, NJ.

Community leader Gino Hernandez will lead a delegation of 25 grassroots leaders from Trenton, NJ.

Participating will also be a team of fellows from the Latino Leadership Academy, an intense 10-month course underwritten by the Institute for Latino Studies and the Latino Leadership Alliance, to train and develop emerging leaders that they may serve the community in a more holistic and independent manner. Fellows will be attending to put in practice what they have learned in the leadership course. They are persuading followers from their own communities to attend NDAC meeting. The fellows are Elvin Dominicci who will bring a group from Jersey City, Erick Cedano will bring his followers from Elizabeth, NJ, Sebastian Rodriguez will do the same from Bergen County, and Jose Colon from north Jersey will comply with the plan as well.

Delfin Vasquez, director of the first US founded local chapter of the National Dominican American Council, will participate with a meaningful delegation of NDAC members from Reading, Pennsylvania.

Sarita Montilla, member of the NDAC Board of Directors, will attend to represent the local NDAC Council of Philadelphia, PA.

Educator and member of NDAC Board of Directors Jose Cruz will participate representing the membership of upstate New York.

Ana Medina, member of the Board of Directors of the Dominican American National Roundtable and member of the National Dominican American Council will attend representing NDAC Lawrence chapter composed of Eric Machuca, P. Joel, Ing. Wilfredo Peralta, Mateo Matias, attorney Natalia Crisostomo, Nazario Esquea, Alfredo Del Rosario, Martha Carrasco, Ana Perdomo, Dr. Alciades Acosta, Francisco Tineo, Santiago Matias, a local community radio pundit, and others.

A delegation of grassroots leaders conforming the Council of Barahoneros in USA will be accompanied by Henry Abraham James, Mayor of Villa Central, Barahona, Dominican Republic, who will travel from the Province of Pedernales to Newark, NJ.

NDAC members of the Board of Directors Peter Fontanes, and Juan P. Reyes will participate representing delegations from New York City area, including Washington Heights and northern Manhattan neighborhoods.

There will be in attendance several other NDAC delegations and individual members hailing from Florida, the East Coast of the United States and the tri-state area.

Members of the general public interested in addressing the NDAC National Board of Directors are encouraged to send an e-mail via nationalcouncil@danr.org or contact NDAC in Washington, DC via 202-204-3047.

Due to space limitation, only those who RSVP will be included in the public session portion of the program.

The National Dominican American Council (NDAC) is a civic-community-engagement and public relations entity composed of local and regional member councils in the United States and territories, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, with the role of setting the national agenda and working jointly with the Dominican American National Roundtable (DANR) and entities advocating for the socio-economic and political enfranchisement of all Latinos and Dominican-Americans in areas concerning education, economic development, health, immigration and community empowerment.